How many Boveda Packs do I need for my humidor?

Determining which size boveda right for you, depends upon the size of your humidor. Remember, Boveda works on the overall capacity of your humidor, not how many cigars you actually have inside. Since your humidor is measured by how many cigars it can hold, make sure measure the humidor by its maximum cigar count.

Boveda makes 3 different sizes for storing of cigars:
– Our largest size, the 320 gram Boveda will work for humidors from 50-150 count.
– Our next size is the 60 gram Boveda. This size is good for any humidor up to 25 count. If you have a larger humidor (let’s say a 50 count) use 2 of these packs at a minimum.
– As a general rule of thumb, we recommend using at least (1) 60 gram Boveda per 25 cigars your humidor holds.
– Finally, our smallest size, the 8 gram Boveda is perfect for all travel humidors, humidor bags, and gramworks containers. Basically, it’s good for any container holding 3-10 cigars.

Remember you can never over-humidify with Boveda. So throw an extra pack in there, or grab the largest size you can fit inside your humidor. Your Boveda packs will work faster, last longer, and your cigars will thank you later. Plastic storage containers are typically better at preventing air/moisture from entering or leaving the container. This means Boveda doesn’t have to work as hard and you don’t need as many.

Boveda Inc., a privately held Minnesota corporation, designs and manufactures packaging inserts that provide true two-way humidity control for numerous industries and applications with RH levels ranging from 10% to 95% RH, including among others, pharmaceutical applications, wooden musical instruments, premium cigars and tobacco. Boveda’s patented technology provides true moisture-management by adding or removing water-vapor—whichever is needed—in the headspace of packages and containers to maintain a constant, predetermined level of moisture in the enclosed product or material.