Caldwell Cigar Co. announces distribution of La Barba Cigars


Thursday, April 20, 2016 – Miami, Florida – Robert Caldwell has entered into an agreement with his good friend Tony Bellatto of La Barba Cigars to take over manufacturing and distribution of the La Barba brands, something that Bellatto had worked on his own since the launch of his brand in 2013.

“Tony Bellatto (owner of La Barba) has been a great friend of mine since I first started with the Wynwood Cigars project. He came down to Miami and worked on La Barba right in front of me. He is a visionary and has a great palate. I am looking forward to working with him in this new relationship. It is something that works well for both of us”, Caldwell says.

Caldwell-Cigar-Company3-810x506Bellatto will continue blending cigars and will be on the road with the Caldwell team hosting events and promoting his brand. La Barba will announce a new blend at IPCPR this year, which will be made together with Caldwell.

“Robert and I will start blending soon to have something to release at IPCPR this year, nothing will change with he current blend on la Barba purple, however we are working on making the boxes and bands a lot more elegant” Said Tony Bellatto to when asked about the upcoming release.

La Barba cigars will start being distributed and sold at the same retailers as Caldwell Cigars and it is just a matter of time before aficionados can find these sought after cigars at their local B&M’s.

“We are really excited about this arrangement with Caldwell. We have had great success with La Barba over the last couple of years. Our only limitation has been being able to make and distribute enough cigars. We are confident that this arrangement with Caldwell will help to solve our supply and distribution needs and free up time to promote and build the brand”, Bellatto commented on the recent press release.

La Barba Purple is currently produced at Tabacalera William Ventura, the same factory as Caldwell.

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