Corona Cigar Co. in Orlando is an extension of your Man Cave

If you love cigars and enjoy lighting up at a themed cigar bar or lounge, you are in for a treat because Corona Cigar Co. isn’t only that—it is the world’s largest cigar store.

Corona Cigar Co. was born from a small local smoke shop just outside of Orlando, Florida. The shop had a loyal customer base and its owner saw the opportunity to open a cigar haven where avid smokers and aficionados could mingle, talk, smoke, and drink without anyone giving them a dirty look.

When the first—yes, there are three locations in Orlando—Corona Cigar Co. opened up, no one could imagine that a cigar shop could become a destination of its own in a city known for theme parks and attractions. But that’s exactly what happened and today all three cigar stores have a full liquor bar and thousands of cigars to pick from in their massive walk-in humidor store.

We can embellish it all we want but you have to visit Corona Cigar Co. to fully grasp in full awe the size of their store and lounges. In addition, they stock a full array of cognacs, whiskeys, wines, port, and exotic beers—all of which can be paired with an exceptional cigar. When it comes to smokes Corona Cigar Co. is unbeatable in their selection of even the most premium cigar brands.

Next time you are in the Orlando area, be sure to stop at Corona Cigar Co. after you visit a theme park or while attending one of the many conventions held in the city. And don’t forget to tell them you learned about them on

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