Drew Estate Undercrown Flying Pig 2014 Cigar Review

Drew Estate Undercrown Flying Pig (2014 Production). Caution: not your fathers cigar.

The Facts:

  1. Origin: Nicaragua
  2. Factory: Drew Estate
  3. Wrapper: San Andres Negro
  4. Binder: Connecticut River Valley
  5. Filler: Brazilian & Nicaraguan
  6. Size: 41/8 X 60
  7. MSRP: $12

The Findings:

This is an awesome cigar. From the first puff to the final, finger burning pull, this cigar will take you on a flavor journey. Is it spicy, medium or full, earthy, creamy… or whatever…you are going to spend a precious hour of your life trying to pinpoint all the flavors of this unique stick. One thing is for sure, this isn’t a cigar for the beginning smoker. Not because it’s super spicy or a full fledged power bomb, its because you need to be able to put this cigar into perspective to truly appreciate it.

Cigars, like meat, are meant to be paired with fire so I typically don’t bother with a pre-light draw, what’s the point? Sushi, uh no – grouper sandwich, yes please! When you do put some fire on this bad boy, be prepared for an intense “hello” from the very first puff…The Flying Pig is going to let you know that it’s here and that it means business.  A spicy earthiness and a ton of smoke are going to smack you in the face and you’re going to look at this little stick with that WTF look on your face…if cigars could talk it would say “Here we go MF’er”.

You will immediately notice the immaculate burn line and snow white ash, an ash that will hold on as long as you want it to. The construction is Perfect. Every time.

I’m hesitant to use these adjectives to describe a cigar but you will indeed experience cocoa, spice, cream and Dr. Pepper. Yes, I daid it, Dr. Pepper…like the traditional pepper flavor from a cigar, only sweeter… sooooo…Dr. Pepper.

That’s it. Just fork over the $12 and take the ride. I’ve rarely met anyone who didn’t enjoy it.

– Hoochly



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