Interview with Dave Cribbin of Rolling Thunder Cigars


We recently spent some time with Hoochly friend and supporter, Dave Cribbin of Rolling Thunder Cigars, to learn more about the man and what he’s up to in the cigar world.


Hoochly: Tell us about yourself, who is Dave?

Dave: I am a serial entrepreneur and a big family guy, I love spending time with my wife and my three girls. I love riding my Harley Deuce, building furniture, going to the beach, drinking an occasional adult beverage or three and of course smoking cigars.
Hoochly: When did you start smoking cigars and what was your first one?

Dave: My first “cigar” was in sixth grade in the woods, it was one of those plastic tipped beauties! But my real first good smoke was an AVO a number of years later.

Hoochly: How did Rolling Thunder Cigars get started?

Dave: I was thinking about new business opportunities and what it would take to launch a new business. I started to see a number of cigar groups on Facebook and it struck me that here was an unlimited advertising medium every bit as powerful as TV and infinitely more targeted that was free and you could advertise cigars! So it was on!

Hoochly: How did you come up with the name .50CAL and what is behind the military theme?

Dave: The name Rolling Thunder Cigars is actually little pieces of my life rolled into a bundle. My love of Riding, Smoking Cigars and the very deep respect I have for the men and women of our Military forces. In College I had the chance to spend a summer in Quantico at Camp Upshur, part of India company 3rd platoon as a PLC Candidate for the Marine Corps. I didn’t ultimately join the Marines but the training and the time I spent there made a lasting impression on me. Naming our cigar the .50CAL was easy. There just ain’t a Bigger more Bad Ass round you can put through a rifle, so it had to be a .50CAL!!

Hoochly: For those who have not smoked a .50CAL, what should they expect in terms of strength and flavor?

Dave: We have a little sumthin sumthin for everyone; our Connecticut is a very flavorful mild smoke, our Habano is the next step up on the strength scale , our Maduro is a bit stronger (my favorite), and for those who want a stronger smoke our Box pressed Double Ligero should fit the bill nicely.

50-CALHoochly: Are there any new blends or sizes on the works?

Dave: This year is going to be a great year for us. When I started Rolling Thunder we were having our cigars manufactured in a small shop in Ybor City. Although the flavor was good the construction wasn’t as consistent as I wanted. So we have gone to manufacturers in Nicaragua to have our cigars made. The new product has just started to come in and the quality and consistency is head and shoulders above last year’s product. Our New Box Pressed Double Ligero is a really nice smoke as is our new Habano which I’m smoking as I’m doing this interview. Next up will be a couple smaller ring gauge cigars that I’ll be working on this week while I’m in Nicaragua, I’m very excited about that!

IMG_4543Hoochly: Where can people buy your cigars?

Dave: We started selling our cigars as an online retailer and have now begun to distribute our cigars through the brick-and-mortar stores. We currently have about 35 shops that carry our brand and that number is growing every day as we add additional sales reps to expand our distribution.

Hoochly: What is your favorite beer and/or adult beverage and what do you recommend as far as pairing with the 50CAL?

Dave: I’ve been a Bud Light guy for a long time but I do like my Guinness Stout. I’ve recently started to drink some of the craft beers and I got to tell you that Poolside is one of my favorites! As of my favorite adult beverage it would be a Bombay Saphire Martini up with an olive shaken until it’s ice cold! As far as pairing goes I like .50CALS with coffee in the morning, I like them with a little ice tea in the afternoon and something with Gin in it after work.

dave-cribbin-50-calHoochly: When you are not smoking 50 CAL what other cigars do you smoke?

Dave: When I’m not smoking .50CALS? I don’t understand this question! (Laugh out Loud)… Before .50CALS I used to smoke Ashton’s Paul Gamarian, Nat Sherman, La Gloria Cubana, and a few others…

Hoochly: Tell us about the custom furniture business, how did you get in to it and do you still make furniture?

Dave: I’ve been building furniture since I was about seven years old when I helped my dad build the kitchen table that my brother and sisters and I grew up eating dinner at, that table still looks good 50 years later. So when I had a chance to open my own shop I went for it, it was a huge challenge but a lot of fun. I got the chance to create some really cool pieces and I still do but only for myself.

10478125_10205401168605147_3765662344620500105_nHoochly: What is your connection with Cigar for Warriors?

Dave: Cigars for warriors is a great organization who helps making the lives of our troops just a little more comfortable while they are out serving our country. When I found out about CFW, and saw what they were doing for our guys and girls in the military I really felt obligated to help out and jumped right in and till this day we try to do what we can to help support this great organization.


Thanks for Inviting me to the HoOchly Circle, Is good to be a part of it!


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34 replies
  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Awesome cigars and loaded with flavor! What a great interview. Dave will be at our event in May cars bars and cigars. Looking forward to getting to know him!

  2. Nicholas Parsons
    Nicholas Parsons says:

    Great interview! Love the box pressed Double Ligero and can’t wait to try some of the new stuff from Nicaragua. Keep up the good work Dave!

  3. Steve Becker
    Steve Becker says:

    50 cal cigars so good stick I enjoyed the trip all the guys come down to Key last summer hopefully we can get another trip like that together

  4. Steve Becker
    Steve Becker says:

    50 cal cigars so good stick I enjoyed the trip if they’ve all the guys come down to Key last summer hopefully we can get another trip like that together

  5. Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith says:

    Great interview! Thank you Dave for doing what you do for CFW. This says a lot to who you are! Looking forward to trying your cigars!

  6. Ernie Bokma
    Ernie Bokma says:

    Great interview Dave I look forward to trying some more .50 Cal’s in the near future. Cheers Buddy

  7. Al Brooks
    Al Brooks says:

    Any shops in PA or MD have them in stock? Very interested in trying them, especially the Maduro and Ligero.

  8. David Hartwell
    David Hartwell says:

    Great interview. I look forward to hunting down and smoking these beauties. Many long years of success. Thanks for your service to Cigar for Warriors. Stay Frosty and Smoke on.

  9. David Hartwell
    David Hartwell says:

    Great interview. I am excited to find and try the I applaud you for your work with Cigars for Warriors. They sacrifice so much and deserve so much of our gratitude. Congrats on your business. Cheers.

  10. John Crabtree
    John Crabtree says:

    Great cigars and hell of a nice guy. I have some .50 Cals in my humi I enjoy with bourbon.

  11. Matthew Bekkering
    Matthew Bekkering says:

    Looking forward to finding these in the Madison Wisconsin area! Carolina rocks another sweet interview!!

  12. Tim McCabe
    Tim McCabe says:

    And here I thought you were paying homage to the hip hop artist 50 cent 😂😂 Seriously though great interview Carolina. Dave sounds like a great guy. I see him promote everywhere without throwing his product down your throat which to me is what you need to do these days and I can respect the hustle. I wish Dave nothing but continued success and look forward to trying his cigars.

  13. Matteo
    Matteo says:

    Had the privilege privilege of meeting Dave Cribbin And Carolina in Orlando a little while back. Great people , love the 50 cals. Support all the way.

  14. Samuel Harris
    Samuel Harris says:

    As a retired Veteran myself, I know first hand what it’s like to receive a package of cigars in the mail. It’s a great moral booster at the end of a 12 hour stomp through the Afghanistan desert in search of the enemy, while at the same time administrating medical care to the unfortunate local natives and my Marines. I applaud Dave for his contribution and I also feel that the .50Cal theme really hits home for us in combat. Now a days, I enjoy his cigars and reminisce of the good times I had. Thank you Dave for your support and a great cigar.

  15. Michael Murray
    Michael Murray says:

    Dave – thanks for sharing your journey with us! It is awesome to have the background on a superb stick like the Box Pressed Double Ligero. Sharing your story has allowed us to better know you and the Rolling Thunder brand. I, like many, am excited to experience what is to come from Rolling Thunder cigars.

  16. Joe
    Joe says:

    What an interesting interview. I was wondering how he made up the blends for his cigars. I’ve tried Daves cigars and they are top notch.
    Thx joe

  17. Ken Rein
    Ken Rein says:

    Dave was the one who first got me into FB Cigar Clubs. He’s a great FB friend and I’ve heard a lot about his 50 Cal. I’m looking to try one. Are they available in stores.
    As always Carolinas interview was informative and delving…in her unique style

  18. El Joey Rojas
    El Joey Rojas says:

    Great interview. Not too long, not too short, and straight to the point. Can’t wait to try a .50 cal cigar. Dave sounds like great and giving kind of guy. Great article Hoochly!

    El Joey Rojas

  19. Shawn Mason
    Shawn Mason says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about these beauties. Going to have to get me some so I can first hand sample the GREATNESS TOO‼️


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