La Barba Cigar Co. announces “One & Only”


In April of this year La Barba announced that they entered into an agreement with “Down and Back LLC” which is synonymous with The Caldwell Cigar Company. Down and Back will now handle all of La Barba’s Distribution and importing leaving time for its founder, Tony Bellatto to focus on the highly anticipated “blue project” which is being named “One and Only.”

barba2The “One and Only” is an undisclosed blend that was created at the Tabacalera William Ventura factory in the Dominican Republic, and boasts artwork from Jade Rivera, a prominent artist located in Miami. When asked about the artist Tony said, “Jade is from Lima, Peru and Robert Introduced me to his artwork about 3 years ago and I’ve always loved his style, especially his portraits. So it seemed like a natural fit for us to use him for the artwork.”

Barba1500 boxes of the “One and Only” will be released at the 2016 IPCPR trade show, and will be available to select retailers nationwide along with a re-branding of the La Barba “Red” which will now be produced at the Ventura factory using a blend that will stay true to the original intended palate, and will be comprised of primarily Dominican tobacco.

When Hoochly asked Tony about the details on the One and Only  he said “We cannot disclose the blend at the moment but  what I can tell you is that The One and Only will be a full bodied, spicy and creamy cigar. It’s a 6×52 Toro extra and will come in 10 count boxes. The retails price will be $12.50”

The La Barba “purple” will also undergo some minor design and packaging changes but the blend itself will remain the same. Down and Back will also be distributing Bellatto’s other brand “Siempre” a brand that Tony and his father developed along side Robert Caldwell and Henderson Ventura.

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