Meet Amy Crisman!

I’m from a small town in the hills of western Pennsylvania. I grew up in the country, surrounded by woods and dairy and horse farms.
I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, when other girls were playing with dolls I was at the creek or climbing trees.
I just love to be outside when the weather is nice and sometimes even when it isn’t.
I love camping and hiking, and flyfishing for trout or Lake Erie steelhead.
I hate litterbugs and carry trash bags to clean up after them, I’m big on recycling, everything. I’ve been called a treehugger, and yes, I have hugged plenty of trees.
Most of my outdoor activities these days are focused in my own backyard, gardening. I really enjoy growing my own vegetables and herbs to use for preparing delicious recipes for our weekly family dinners. My husband and I cook together often and when the garden yields enough he also helps me with canning. Our garlic dill pickles get rave reviews.
My other hobbies include sewing and being crafty, collecting old stuff, home decorating and improvement projects, dancing burlesque, and smoking cigars 🙂
I’ve always enjoyed smoking, and started with cigarettes. I would get bored with those and seek out other options like the old Kretek, unfiltered pyramid shaped clove cigarettes. My desire to smoke different types of tobacco naturally turned to cigars and cigarillos and then one day ACID Blondie made it’s debut and I was hooked! I prefer the Natural over the infused, and don’t smoke flavored cigars as much anymore but I’ve been a Drew Estate fan for at least 17 years.
My tastes have expanded over the years but I’ve found that my favorite is a medium to strong cigar blended in a Nicaraguan factory.
My top 3 are Drew Estate, RomaCraft Tobac, and Illusione.

I’ve been a Body Piercer for 20 years and now I also work part-time for a Tobacconist, and do some bartending on the side.
As part of my retail tobacco job I’ve been working hard at expanding my knowledge of all brands of cigars and I’m continuously trying different cigars from our store humidor.
I’m addicted to coffee, I drink it all day – every day.
I also really like whiskey, especially Irish whiskey. And I love a good hearty Stout, like Murphys or Founders.

I am married to an awesome man, Harry, who shares my passion for smoking (among other things) and even hand-crafts beautiful briar pipes.
I am the proud mother of two fine young men who share my love of the outdoors, smoke pipes and cigars, and have really cool girlfriends.
I’m also an animal lover and I have a black Lab, a yellow Lab, and 3 crazy cats.
Life is Good, I am Blessed.

Thanks for having me, HoOchly 🙂