Who is Al LaPeter (aka Big Al)?
Some will say he is an asshole, some will say he is a wise-ass and others will say he is a great guy. He is the type of person who will give you the shirt off his back, but if you hurt someone he cares about he will leave you for dead. Big Al was born and bred in the Morris Park area of the Bronx and after spending some time going to school in Jersey and living in Westchester for a period he settled in Queens, NY after getting married.

Some of you may be curious what Big Al likes to do, well he likes to do a lot of things. He may be a city boy by birth, but he has the heart of a redneck. He enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, working on his truck, and doing just about anything with his hands. He also loves to cook, grill BBQ & bake. He would rather do something himself rather than pay someone to do it for him. For example he recently gutted and remodeled his kitchen by himself and he has done several modification and upgrades on his hunting rifles himself.

For work Big Al also wears many hats. He was done everything from butcher to caterer to car salesman and almost everything in between. Currently he works for a company basically doing all of their computer support and administration, maintaining and creating custom inventory management software as well as creating and running their eCommerce division and web presence.

As far as favorites Big Al is simple. His favorite liquor is rum and he currently leans toward Bacardi 8 Anos as his go to drink when at home. He doesn’t do too much bourbon, but when he does he goes for a glass of Angels Envy. His favorite beers are Modelo & Stella, but he is just starting to try various craft beers so he is always willing to try something new. As far as cigars are concerned his current favorites are Lig Privada #9, CAO Flathead Steel horse Apehangers, Fallen Angels, Room 101 San Andreas 808, anything Romacraft. When it comes to pipe tobacco his favorites are Virginia Gold Black Cavendish, Haunted Bookshop, Sweet Jane and Colt Blood Red Moon.

Big Al above all things has and always will be a hustler. He is always looking for new ways to make a dollar and always trying to find some way to make money doing things he enjoys. Currently he has been making custom ashtrays using a 3D printer and doing custom image work on wood. The image work has mostly been limited to small one off pieces, some bar and table tops as well as a
few plaques. The ashtrays have been growing more considering he not only does custom ones for people but he also does several for various cigar groups and is currently in talks with several B&M’s to create ashtrays for them to sell as well as custom ones for them to use in their lounges.

Contact AL:
Facebook: al.lapeter
Instagram: alapeter