Meet Jerrod Thomas
Sandhill Custom Pipes

Well, the story of what made him what he is today started at a early age. Being the youngest of the three siblings, Jerrod was a full 9 years younger then his brother. When he was just 8 his brother left for the Army to follow in some of the footsteps of the rest of the family. From then on, Jerrod had to learn how to entertain himself. He grew up in the country miles from anyone.
During the summers, he would stay with his grandparents and listen to their stories every night about how they settled the land they still own today from the land run. His great-grandmother would tell him stories of how she would ride on the watermelon harvester with a team of horses and would be eaten up by the flies and mosquitoes. Her father gave her a cigar to puff on to keep the flies at bay while she worked the field at the age of 10. These stories would be told while his grandfather would smoke his pipe and fill the room with the amazing smell of cherry pipe tobacco. This smell would be forever ingrained in his memory.
Years later, Jerrod would follow in the same footsteps as his brother, aunts and uncles and join the Army to work on helicopters. Six years, two deployments, and the nickname Rookie later, he would depart the Army with a bad back from a helicopter accident.
Now working for a contractor for fixed wing aircraft., he started smoking pipes after his grandfather passed and decided he needed to make his own pipe after a accidental drop could have broken one of his grandfather’s. So, he created a pipe that was great for being abused and one he was willing to put his lifetime warranty on.
Sandhills Custom Pipes was created in remembrance of his past. Jerrod also enjoys hunting, fishing and building everything he can with his hands. He and his father have built a clubhouse for his children, remodeled his current house and even laid the concrete that fills his shop. He enjoys smoking cigars and pipes with his friends and spending time with his little ones.
He does have a twisted personality from being in the military and is known for his temper when his family or friends are crossed. His love for creating pipes is rivaled only by his love for his beautiful wife and children.