The Cigar Bomb – an Underground Practice Among Cigar Aficionados

Bomb2Long after the cigar fad of the nineties, Cigar Bombs–a colloquial term for sending a care package of your favorite cigars to a friend–remains a mystery and a happy surprise among cigar lovers.

If you belong to any of the cigar groups on Facebook, such as Cigar Aficionado Trades & Sales (CATS) or  HoOchly Cigar Shack, Cigar Cartel, etc., chances are you’ve seen someone post a picture of a “cigar bomb” which he or she may have received in the mail. The excitement of getting an unexpected package in the mail is certainly nervewrecking for most people, but in the world of cigar aficionados you can be sure that the recipient will feel like a child on Christmas morning. In fact, cigar bombs are considered an art because it involves a protocol established deep in the cigar culture but practiced mostly among members of the aforementioned groups.

The opportunity to surprise someone with a stash of five cigars (or more, if you so desire) is exhilirating and very rewarding when you see it posted on a cigar-related group. But the excitment is even bigger when it is you who can pry open the package waiting for you at your doorstep or mailbox. Receiving a cigar bomb is often anonymous and in case you wonder how they find out about your address, we’ll get to that in a moment…The general protocol is that you will open your cigar bomb package and right after will snap a picture with your phone or tablet, which you will promptly (and proudly) post on the wall of your cigar group’s Facebook page.

The privilege of receiving a cigar bomb is also a closely guarded secret by a select few keepers of the bombing list. The list contains the names and addresses collected privately by the cigar group’s administrator(s) based on members’ activity and quality of posts. Someone who comments and likes posts often are great candidates for a cigar bomb, while those who post senseless comments or try to promote themselves can find themselves getting kicked out for taking advantage of such a captive audience. Administrators often share these with people who contact them asking for a potential target that may be bombed. The list, however, is never made public and often only one contact may be released per week or month, depending on the group’s protocols.

So why send a cigar bomb? Some people bomb because they have extra cigars they would like for others to try, while others do it as a random act of kindness among friends they don’t know yet. The point of bombing is always to share the goodwill of cigar love among fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf. Over the next several weeks we will continue to share articles on how to cigar bomb, when to cigar bomb or even who to cigar bomb. If you are new to the world of cigars, this will serve as a primer–and for seasoned veterans, this will establish the procedure for how to make the most of the bombing experience.

Rest assured, we know that different cigar groups will have different ways to approach the art of the cigar bomb, but the intent is to spread the love rather than divide. And not for nothing, you will quickly learn that cigar bombing will become your next mission as you pursue the perfect smoke among friends.

– Serge Maxwell

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