Duke Cannon Soap

While showering in beer may sound like a great idea, it’s much better to shower with beer. Beer soap, that is. Duke Cannon has crafted a big ass bar of soap, appropriately entitled “Big Ass Beer Soap”. This beer soap has been a huge hit with many guys wanting to combine one of their favorite beverages with a high quality, skin softening soap.

One of the greatest things about the beer soap from Duke Cannon is that they keep the ingredients simple and natural and work with American brewers. The soap itself is made of beer from Old Milwaukee Beer which has been in business creating top quality beer for hand-working Americans since 1849. Beer and soap are two essential; how do they work together and what are the benefits of adding beer to soap?

Surprisingly, you’ll learn that beer has several benefits for the skin other than just being awesome to drink.

Benefits of Beer Soap

Other than the fact that adding beer to soap is a cool, innovative idea, there are actual benefits that beer has for the skin. For starters, beer soap is often handmade with natural ingredients, unlike many other mainstream soap options out there that are laced with artificial fragrances and colors. Beer soap on the other hand, especially by Duke Cannon, is natural and refreshing.

Since beer is made of hops, it contains several beneficial ingredients. Fermented hops are a great source of B vitamins and essential amino acids. B vitamins aid in the restoration of damaged skin and allow your skin to fully heal if you have any cuts, scrapes or bruises. The amino acids, on the other hand, are very soothing and softening on the skin.

On top of the beneficial amino acids and B vitamins, Duke Cannon beer soap also contains brewer’s yeast, which allows hops to ferment into beer. Brewer;s yeast is beneficial on the skin for several reasons. It is a source of probiotics, which means it has beneficial yeasts and bacteria that fight bad bacteria (which is why it’s great on sensitive and acne prone skin). Also, it reduces inflammation. This beer soap packs a powerful punch and is well worth the try.

The Manliest Soap You’ll Ever Use

If you already wash your body with bar soap, you’re already pretty manly. Take your manliness up a notch by using bar soap made from beer. Duke Cannon beer soap is the perfect soap for guys who want to smell clean and refreshed, without the scent ever being “too much” or flowery.

Anything made with beer is as manly as it gets. If you’re tired of all the feminine smelling skincare products and soaps that are marketed towards women and men with a more feminine streak, you can always opt for this natural, manly soap. As you browse the aisles in the grocery store, you’ll notice there’s not a wide selection of soaps for men. And, the soap for men that’s available is often made of synthetic chemicals that are bad for your skin.

What Does Duke Cannon Beer Soap Smell Like?

Despite its name, Duke Cannon doesn’t have the strongest beer smell in the world. The beer smell fades out drastically in the soap making process, and brings the background notes forward. The beer soap that Duke Cannon produces has a woodsy, sandalwood smell that doesn’t smell like you decided to dunk yourself in beer.

The smell is powerful and masculine yet subtle and not overbearing. If you’re worried about the smell of the beer; don’t be. The beer is there to help maximize your skin health and give the soap an extra masculine kick.

Are There Other Men’s Soap Options Besides Beer?

Beer soap isn’t the only option that Duke Cannon offers when it comes to men’s soap. You’ll also be able to try whisky soap, which has a similar effect on the skin with a more woody and nutty scent to it. Overall, the whiskey option is a must-try too, though it doesn’t have as many benefits for the skin as beer does. Although — it is whiskey. You can never go wrong with whiskey!

Whether you opt for the beer soap by Duke Cannon or the whiskey soap, you can’t choose a more manly soap that’s great for your skin.